This Mixologist Guide will serve as a reference to prepare your first creations. Examples of recipes are based on a quantity of 1 oz (30 ml).

Step – 1                                                                                 

  • Make sure you have on hand all your accessories and ingredients.
  • Preparing your base liquid without aroma, for example: beverage or food.

Step – 2

  • Do your calculations for your recipe on the basis of 1 oz or 30 ml.
  • Make sure you have a container of 1 oz or 30ml.
  • A syringe graduated in ml or pipette 1 ml.

Step – 3                                                                                 

  • Shake your base before use.
  • Add one drop of aroma in 1 oz of liquid and mix well.

Step – 4                                                                                 

  • Test, if the taste is not sufficiently pronounced, repeat with a new sample of 1 oz. This time, with the help of a graduated syringe add two drops of aromas.
  • Shake your liquid (20-30 seconds) to diffuse aromas.
  • And so on until the desired taste.

Step – 5                                                                                 

  • Once the flavor level is achieved, simply multiply the number of drops per oz to the desired amount of liquid.  Examples:
    • For a 5 oz liquid, simply add 5 times 2 drops (10 drops).
    • For a 8 oz liquid, simply add 8 times 2 drops (16 drops).

Step – 6                                                                                 

  • If you are still new to this, we recommend that you start with a single aroma before trying mixtures, so that you understand how each reacts individually.
  • Note your recipes (dosage, type of mixture and concentration) for future reference.
  • Preserve your bases and aromas in a dry and cool place, away from light.


Enjoy the tasting!